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It is no secret to those who know me that I'm a HUGE fan of the 1972 anime series known as Science Ninja Team Gatchaman (a.k.a. Kagaku Ninjatai Gatchaman) by Tatsunoko Productions (all rights reserved).

This site is a light-hearted, satirical look at all things Gatchaman related. All of these images are meant in good fun and should be taken in that spirit. Some of the images may contain a bit of "blue" humour but there should be nothing too shocking (I hope). *grin*

Updates & Cool Pics

I'll be adding new pics here as I create them so make sure you drop by and check for updates. I've also added a section called Cool Pics where I'll post the various images I've stitched together from multiple screen captures (usually two or three individual images). These aren't humourous images per se but are still worth checking out IMNSHO. Feel free to use these images for your personal use. If you use them on your website, a link back here would be greatly appreciated.

Gatchaman CCG

This originally started as a gag but has since took a life of its own. I've created cards for a Gatchaman Collector Card Game (CCG) which uses a modified On the Edge CCG rule system. A sample of the Gatchaman CCG cards can be found here.

- Sosai Tim -

Last Updated: November 30, 2015

Gatchaman Humour Gatchaman Humour Gatchaman Humour
Angry Joe
Anime Physics 101
Battle of the Planets is On!
Big Appetite
Beep! Beep!
Bummed a Ride
Disco Ball
Blue Smilie Group
Casual Friday New Gatchaman!
Child-like Ken New Gatchaman!
Cirque du Soleil
Condor Joe's Reflection
Cool Jinpei
Comic Con Security
Dirk's Backbeat Nightmare
Dirty Jinpei
Delivery Ken
Dr Nambu vs the Media
Don't Eat Yellow Snow
Eagle Riders Horror
Freeze Tag
Gatchaman Idol
Get Up in the World
God Phoenix Computers
God Phoenix Fuel Mishap
ISO Budget Cuts
ISO Shadow Puppet Theater
Jinpei and the Toilet
Jinpei Bite
Jinpei Cookies
Jinpei's Browsing History New Gatchaman!
Jinpei's Iron Man Underoos
Jinpei's Music
Jinpei, Ninja Gourmet
Jinpei's Ninja Skills
Jinpei Pez Dispenser
Jinpei's Stink
Jinpei Trolley Song
Joe's Car is Missing
Joe's Crotch Cam
Joe is Sleepwalking
Joe is Cool
Joe vs. That Damn Dog!
Jun's Clothing Nightmare
Jun's Cooking
Jun Loves Robotic Ken
Jun Pokemon
Ken Checks for Galactor
Ken's Bird Calls
Ken in a Box
Ken Lays an Egg
Ken's Lost Keys
Ken's Morning Happiness
Ken Punches the Viewers
Ken's Repressed Memory
Ken's Secret Wish
Ken's Sexy Selfie New Gatchaman!
Ken Sneezes
Keyop Pimp
Mr Balsac Swing-Set Robot
Napoleon Ken
Ninja Crotch Attack
Ninja Gas Attack
Not Everything Goes Better With a Coke
Poor Ryu
Pull Ryu's Finger Gag
Red Impulse Fatherhood Tips
Ryu and Joe Race
Ryu's Farmville
Ryu's Seat
Ryu's Swimming Lessons
Ryu Finds Ken's Missing Keys
Ryu Flowers
Ryu Lunch Guest
Ryu Macarena
Ryu Makes Ice
Ryu Priceless
Ryu - Secret Agent 005
Sorry Ryu
Ryu Stretching Accident
Ryu vs Jinpei
Ryu vs Jun
She Was This Tall...
Space Burrito
Star Trek Gatchaman
Swan Lake Joe
Talent Night
Tequila Ken
The Missing Cake
Timeshare Proposal
TV Settings
Two Towers
Whale of a Time
Winter Cabin
Wrist Bracelet Spam
Wrong Script
Zombie Ken
Cool Gatchaman Pics

Gatchaman Battle of the Planets

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