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Identity: Greater Servitor Race
Group Affiliation: They are associated with Shub-Niggurath and are often referred to as her young ('Black Goat of the Woods With a Thousand Young').
Base of Operations: They are only found in areas that worship Shub-Niggurath, and they as proxies for her in accepting sacrifices, accepting worship from cultists, devouring non-cultists, and in spreading their mother's faith around the world.
Side: Evil
Height: 12'
Hair: None
Eyes: None
Level: 8th
Experience: 35, 000
Training: +1 to hit with Body Power (Natural Weaponry)


1. Body Power (Material Composition): Dark Young consist of non-terrene material which grants it Adaptation Defense at zero power cost, 12 points of Invulnerability versus firearm damage, and 4 points of Invulnerability versus any other type of damage.
2. Body Power (Natural Weaponry): Tentacles: +6 to hit, HTH +1d10 Damage. If the Dark Young makes a special attack, it may attempt to constrict its target (victim's HTH Damage roll vs. Dark Young's HTH Damage roll -- highest roll wins). If constriction has been achieved, the victim is dragged towards the Dark Young's sucking mouths. The victim has one round to attempt an escape before the mouths bite automatically (the victim must make a saving throw versus Strength on percentage dice or lose 1d10 points of strength). Dark Young can also attempt to trample with their gigantic hooves (+2 to hit, HTH + 1d12 Damage).
3. Heightened Attack: +1 Damage/Level (+8 Damage)
4. Heightened Endurance B +24
5. Heightened Expertise: +4 to hit with tentacles.
6. Heightened Senses (Greater Servitor Awareness): Dark Young sense their environment on a different level than humans. Detect Hidden/Danger rolls are effectively doubled.
6. Heightened Strength B +26
7. Psionics (Cause Fear & Insanity): Dark Youngs naturally cause fear & insanity in humans around them (radius of 14" (I in inches) at no power cost), and it lasts until the victim can make a successful saving throw vs. Intelligence on percentage dice.
8. Size Change (Larger): Permamently changed. Height Factor: 2 (12 feet tall, 2000 lbs.).

Weight: 2000 lbs. Basic Hits: 40 Agility Mod: -8
Strength: 46 Endurance: 24
Agility: 18 Intelligence: 14
Charisma: 18 Reactions from: Good: -3     Evil: +3
Hit Mod. (3.4) (3) (1.9) (1.1) = 21.318 Hit Points: 853
Damage Mod.: +2 Healing Rate: 28.0
Accuracy: +3 Power: 102
Carrying Capacity: 99, 736 lbs. Basic HTH Damage: 5d10
Movement Rates: 176" ground.
Det. Hidden: 20% Det. Danger: 28%
Inventing Points: 11.2 Inventing (42%):
Origin and Background:



Summon Dark Young

This spell costs 4 Power per 10% chance of success. The spell takes 5 minutes per point of power spent. Once the spell is cast, the caster must make a saving throw versus his Intelligence x2 or suffer an additional loss of 1d12 Power. A beast (weighing 120 lbs or more) must be sacrificed. The summoner needs a knife to make certain ritual cutes in despatching the victim. The spell must be cast outdoors in a wood, during the dark of the moon.

Once the spell has been cast successfully, one Dark Young (per spell) will stalk out of the woods 2d10 minutes after the chanting subsides. It arrives unbound. The caster must now cast his Bind Dark Young spell or face the fury of the summoned Dark Young.

Bind Dark Young

This spell costs 4 Power per 10% chance of success. Once the spell is cast, the caster must make a saving throw versus his Intelligence x2 or suffer an additional loss of 1d10 Power. Once bound, the Dark Young must obey one order by the caster, even to attacking its own kind, after which it is freed and returns whence it came. If the caster should fail his chance to bind, then the Dark Young will attack the caster.