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Are you ready to travel through space and time to see the wonders and dangers that the universe has to offer? Visit distant alien civilisations, or travel to the distant past, or explore the future. Prevent sinister forces from conquering the universe or meddling with time. All this and more is available within the FASA Doctor Who RPG.

I plan to update the 1985 FASA Doctor Who rules to include the current series. I also plan to include various house rules, new NPC write-ups (from both old and new Doctor Who), and eventually original adventures. Check the Vortex Links for some great Doctor Who/Doctor Who RPG related links.

What's New  
S.O.S. From Tatarus Oct 7, 2013 1.2 MB PDF
Damari (Thal Space Pilot) June 25, 2013 53 KB PDF
Noriko Hisatomo (Companion) June 24, 2013 48 KB PDF
Charv'k Nov 18, 2012 153 KB PDF
Joxane (Companion) Nov 17, 2012 58 KB PDF
Swinefolk Sept 28, 2012 90 KB PDF
Chelonians Sept 25, 2012 183 KB PDF
The Monk Aug 3rd, 2012 121 KB PDF
Brigadier Lethbridge-Stewart July 24th, 2012 865 KB PDF
Dorium Maldovar Feb 29th, 2012 190 KB PDF
Tabitha Corinth (Companion) Feb 28th, 2012 167 KB PDF
Toltecatl (Companion) Feb 12th, 2012 895 KB PDF
Nerrazan Jan 31st, 2012 66 KB PDF
Revised Initiative/Movement July 8th, 2011 11 KB PDF
Forest of Cheem July 6th, 2011 41 KB PDF
Drashig June 30th, 2011 80 KB PDF
(Foamasi Gangster Boss)
June 28th, 2011 16 KB PDF
Professor Thadeus Arkana (Time Lord) June 27th, 2011 116 KB PDF
Foamasi June 27th, 2011 56 KB PDF
Krotons June 25th, 2011 362 KB PDF
Vogans June 17th, 2011 42 KB PDF
Draconians June 16th, 2011 65 KB PDF