Zombie Squad RPG

Where fun isn't just in the sweet meats.

By Tim Hartin

The dead have risen from their graves and now hunt the living to satisfy their insatiable hunger for flesh. Pockets of humanity fight for survival against the ever present undead hordes. Do you have what it takes to survive?


ZOMBIE SQUAD is a zombie survival horror game based on the DUNGEON SQUAD system created by Jason Morningstar. Some ideas are also from Alternate DUNGEON SQUAD by Liam Brennan. The Zombie Squad RPG and logo are covered by a Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial-Share Alike 2.5 Canada License.

Any comments or inquiries regarding ZOMBIE SQUAD may be sent to Tim Hartin.

Required items for play include someone to act as a referee, some players, pencils, paper and a dice set from d4 up to d12.


Characters can be of either gender and can have any description the player and referee can agree on.


The character has four Primary Abilities that are assigned a die value by the player (d4, d6, d8 and d10).

SURVIVAL: This covers the basic skills needed to survive in a zombie infested world such as will power, self-discipline and combat.

HEALTH: This covers the character's endurance, resilience and natural resistance to toxins and infections.

INTELLECT: This covers the character's general intelligence and the ability to learn and use knowledge. Also used for fixing/understanding machinery and/or technology.

PERSONA: This covers the character's looks, charm and general charisma.


Zombie Squad RPG

HIT POINTS (HPs): Each character has a number of HIT POINTS equal to 10 plus half the value of their HEALTH die.

e.g. a character with HEALTH d10 has 10 + 5 = 15 hit points.

At 0 hit points a character is unconscious (and cannot perform any actions until healed above 0 hit points). A character will die when hit points are reduced to a minus figure equal to the highest value of their HEALTH die.

e.g. minus 10 hit points results in death for a HEALTH d10 character.

OPTIONAL RULE: Any character with negative hit points will continue to lose 1 HP per Turn due to blood loss. This damage may be prevented if another character performs first aid to the bleeding character. This requires a SURVIVAL TASK vs the dying character's negative HP (expressed as a positive Task number).

e.g. a dying character with d6 Health is at -4 HPs. He will die in 2 Rounds unless another character provides first aid (SURVIVAL TASK vs a Task Number of 4).

Any character killed by a Zombie, and not completely eaten, will rise from the dead as a Zombie in the number of Rounds as per the character's original Health die value.

e.g. a HEALTH d8 character dies. He will become a Zombie in d8 rounds.

MOVEMENT RATING (MV): Characters start with a movement rating of 4. This represents how far a character can move in one round. 1 movement rating equals 5 ft - thus a movement of 4 equals 20 ft. A character can perform an action and move their movement rating during a round.

Should a character decide to forgo their action and just move (also known as running), then the movement rating is doubled for that round. A character may run for a number of rounds equal to his HEALTH die, before needing to stop and rest. Then the character must rest for a number of rounds equal to a third of the distance ran (round down). Until the character rests, all TASKS will be performed at ?1 die value.

e.g. A character with HEALTH d10 may run at full speed for 10 rounds, but then he will have to rest for 3 rounds afterwards. Until his rests for those 3 rounds, his TASKS are at 1 die value lower than normal.

LANGUAGES: A character starts with their default language based on their country of origin and they may be able to know additional languages. Make an INTELLECT roll.

A roll of 1 - 3 means the characters knows only their native language. A roll of 4 - 6 means the character knows 1 additional language. A roll of 7 - 9 means the character knows an additional 2 languages and a roll of 10 means the character knows an additional 3 languages.

These additional languages may be any other foreign language (such as French, Japanese, Mandarin, German, Swahili, etc.) with the referee's approval.

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Zombie Squad RPG and logo were created by Tim Hartin. The Zombie Squad RPG and logo are covered by a Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial-Share Alike 2.5 Canada License.

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