Advanced Dungeons & Dragons Herculoids Write-ups

Latest PDF Update: The Raider Apes

Welcome to the A to Z (from Amatons to Zorbots) catalog of Herculoid creatures. Many a thanks goes out to the Herculoid fans in the [1e/2e] The Herculoids! Thread over at the Dragonsfoots boards. A special thanks goes out to Abacus Ape and Rendclaw for all the hard work they put into the Herculoids AD&D (1st & 2nd Edition) write ups! Without their hard work, these PDFs would not be possible.

Herculoids The Amatons Herculoids The Android People Herculoids The Beaked People Herculoids The Crystalites
Herculoids Destroyer Ants Herculoids The Electro Beetles Herculoids The Giant Vulture Herculoids The Gladiators of Kyanite
Herculoids The Hooded Spike Worm Herculoids Zok The Laser Dragon Herculoids The Laser Lancers Herculoids Mekkano the Machine Master
Herculoids Mekkor Herculoids The Mite Scarabs Herculoids The Mole Men Herculoids The Mutoids
Herculoids The Pod Creatures Herculoids Flying Monkey People Herculoids Gloop and Gleep Herculoids Queen Skorra
Herculoids The Raider Apes Herculoids Tundro the Rhino-Triceratops Herculoids Igoo the Rock Ape Herculoids Sarko the Arkman
Herculoids The Sky Pirates Herculoids The Spider People Herculoids Sta-Lak Herculoids Swamp Monster (Cosmic Fragment)
Herculoids The Zorbots      

Herculoids Write-ups copyright © 2009 - 2010 Original writers (Abacus Ape and Rendclaw).
Herculoids PDFs copyright © 2009 - 2010 Tim Hartin.

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