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10.21.2001 Added the DC Legends banner to the main page.
10.20.2001 Added the Dark Young of Shub-Niggurath conversion, and the Summon/Bind Dark Young spells to the V&V Cthulhu Mythos page.
10.14.2001 Added the V&V Cthulhu Mythos link to the main page, and updated the Deep One conversion.
10.08.2001 Added the optional Leaping Rules, and created the What Was New for September page. Also added the HER-2S Hermes and the MAD-3R Marauder Mecha conversions to the Mecha Rules Page.
10.07.2001 Updated the Mecha Rules section. I also have the first drafts of the HBK-3R Hunchback and the ENF-Enforcer Mecha conversions done.
10.02.2001 Added the Batman character conversion.
10.01.2001 Added the Phantom Lady character conversion and this month's cover scan... Avengers (Vol 3) #43.