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Tim Hartin is the founder and owner of Paratime Design. He started playing Role-Playing Games back in 1983 with the 'Red Box'/Frank Mentzer edition of Basic Dungeons & Dragons®. From there, he branched off into many other game systems and was hooked ever since. Some of Tim's other RPG projects include the following:

PlugHerculoids - The AD&D Files: 1st/2nd Edition AD&D write-ups of the characters and creatures from the Herculoids cartoon. Each creature/character gets its own PDF. I did some editing, PDF creation, and designed the website, but not the initial write-up itself. All credit should go to the original writers, Abacus Ape and Rendclaw.
PlugThrilling Adventures: A d20 Pulp Heroes RPG Archive (no longer being updated). Explore pulp roleplaying with this d20 RPG. This archive site is dedicated to the d20 minigame, Pulp Heroes, as found in Dungeon #90/Polyhedron #149.
PlugV&V Emporium: My decade old (and counting) fan site dedicated to the Villains & Vigilantes RPG (mainly the 2nd Edition version of the game).
PlugZombie Squad: A zombie survival horror RPG based on the DUNGEON SQUAD RPG. The rules are straight forward and simple to use. Zombie Squad - Where fun isn't just in the sweat meats.

He has been involved with Role Playing Games for several decades now and looks forward to several more decades of fun and adventure. Tim has enjoyed many different rule systems and styles of play, but his true passion is for Old School RPGs. It is his hope that this passion will be evident in the work that is produced here at Paratime Design.

Tim has been a regular cartographer for Small Niche Games and other independent OSR Publishers. In addition, he has had his maps published by Legendary Games Studio (for the Mazes & Minotaurs RPG), Mongoose Publishing (for their Traveller and Babylon 5 games), Celtic Studios (for an adventure written by Tim Kask for the Second Annual North Texas RPG Con), and Grognardia Games (for James Maliszewski's Dwimmermount project).

See the Map Portfolio for samples of such work plus samples of private commissions.

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