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HAPPY CANADA DAY! This month's cover scan is Avengers (1st Series) #277. I'm also working on a few more things for the site so expect another update very soon!


This is just a teaser until I get the next update ready (I'm in the process of moving and as such, it has cut into my online time -- damn real life ;-p). Until then, you can check out the newly expanded Jeff Dee Art Gallery. Expect a lot more to come soon.


I've updated the Tales from the Mailing List page with two new house rules (purchasing new powers & skill rolls) submitted by John Bua.


I've added an expanded history of the Satsujin Ryodan which first appeared in the Tygera Katse character write-up. On the "Murder Brigade" page, you'll find a write-up of the White Tiger Squad and the Oni Mk. III Robot. The page also has a sneak preview of the layout of a Satsujin Ryodan Secret Enclave with more info to follow at a later date. Also new to the site is the pdf file of the V&V Character Sheet.


I've added the Jinpei the Swallow character conversion to the V&V Gatchaman page. I also fixed a few errors that were on the Jun the Swan page. I've also updated the links page with a Morpheus Unbound banner and a link to the V&V WebRPG Town Hall Message Board.