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V&V Emporium

Villains & Vigilantes House RulesAl Umbra's House of Smiles and Shadows
      This site has a number of interesting house rules and an archive (all 73 turns) of the Four Winds V&V PBEM game.

Villains & Vigilantes RPGThe Avatars V&V Campaign
      Detailing the ongoing plotlines and happenings of the heroes known as the Avatars.

Cliffhanger Case FilesCliffhanger Case Files
      The Cliffhanger Case Files site is dedicated to new fiction inspired by the Serials, Pulps, and even Old Time Radio of yesteryear.

Villains & Vigilantes RPGDC Legends
      DC Legends is a fanfic site for those who enjoy DC Comics and its heroes. Golden Age, Silver Age, Pre-Crisis, Post-Crisis, Elseworlds, Bronze Age stories... you can find all of these and more at DCL.

DC Universe AtlasDC Universe Atlas
      Great site that details the various fictional locations of the DC Universe.

Dragonsfoot 1st Edition Advanced Dungeons & DragonsDragonsfoot
      Dragonsfoot is a great resource dedicated to First Edition Advanced Dungeons & Dragons. Other 'Old School' AD&D/OD&D information can be at Dragonsfoot as well. While you are there, make sure you check out their forums.

Dungeon Squad RPGThe Dungeon Squad! Companion
      A fantastic site devoted to the wonderful (free) Dungeon Squad! RPG by Jason Morningstar.

Grand Comic Book DatabaseGrand Comic Book Database
      A great resource for any comic book fan. The database is searchable by title, writer, artist, etc. It also boasts an extensive cover gallery and issue synopses.

Villains & Vigilantes CampaignGuardians of the Earth
      A campaign set within the V&V Universe that has been running strong for two decades and counting.

Villains & Vigilantes CharactersHearts of Fire
      Many original V&V characters with some great art.

Super-Hero Name GeneratorLee's (Useless) Super-Hero Generator
      Need a name for your super-hero, or super-team? Then this site is for you.

Mazes & Minotaurs RPGMazes & Minotaurs RPG
      The Classic Roleplaying Game of Heroic Adventure in the Mythic Age. Highly recommended Old School RPG fun.

Morpheus Unbound's RPG PageMonkey House Games
      Monkey House Games are the official publisher of Villains & Vigilantes#0153; 2.1! Jeff Dee and Jack Herman are back and they have plans for new product releases for V&V!

Morpheus Unbound's RPG PageMorpheus Unbound's RPG Page
      A great site for any V&V campaign (use this link or the banner at the top of the page).

Villains & Vigilantes RPGMost Wanted: The Volume Two That Never Was...
      A net collection of villainous character for the V&V game.

Villains & Vigilantes MiniaturesOfficial V&V™/Living Legends™ Miniatures
      Official V&V™/Living Legends™ miniatures are available from the Team Frog Studios Store.

Villains & Vigilantes RPGParatime Design Cartography
      Need a map for your fantasy or supers role-playing game? Then check out our dungeon, cavern, and town maps. New maps added all the time.

Villains & Vigilantes RPGPowers & Possibilities
      Variant Rules and Great Ideas for Villains & Vigilantes and other RPGs.

Villains & Vigilantes RPGPulp Legends
      A Living Legends campaign resource page dedicated to the Pulp Era.

Villains & Vigilantes RPGRebirth of the Guardians
      Mike Rom's V&V play-by-email game.

Villains & Vigilantes RPGRavensgate: City of Crime
      Ravensgate is a city of weirdness and corruption. It is also home to the Foundry (the city's neophyte superheroes). Any setting that uses elements from Atlas Games' Over the Edge RPG and On The Edge CCG gets two thumbs up from me.

Villains & Vigilantes RPGSabledrake Magazine
      New V&V Powers

Villains & Vigilantes RPGThe Seventh Sanctum
      A random name geneator of all genres and styles (superheroes, anime, magic, etc). This site is a great RPG and writing resource.

Villains & Vigilantes SuperfriendsSuper Friends and Super Stats
      Bringing Saturday-morning heroes to life with the Villains & Vigilantes game. 'nuff said.

Villains & Vigilantes Message BoardsSupers! Message Board Discussion's dedicated home to discussion of the Supers genre. V&V discussion is welcomed and encouraged. Check it out.

Villains & Vigilantes RPGTerranova: Planet of the Day
      A new planet is created using random parameters, and an image of it (as seen from space) is produced daily.

Villains & Vigilantes RPGThrilling Adventures: d20 Pulp Heroes RPG Archive
      Explore pulp roleplaying with this d20 RPG. This archive site is dedicated to the d20 minigame, Pulp Heroes, as found in Dungeon #90 / Polyhedron #149.

Villains & Vigilantes RPGTurok: Son of Stone Image Archive
      Various cover images of the Turok: Son of Stone comics from Whitman/Gold Key.

Villains & Vigilantes ForumThe Vanguard Vault!
      The Headquarters of the Vanguard 'Villains and Vigilantes' campaign chronicling the thrilling adventures of Earth's greatest superheroes!

Villains & Vigilantes ForumVillains and Vigilantes Forum
      Make sure you check out John Bua's excellent message boards dedicated to V&V, comics and super-hero role-play in general.

Villains & Vigilantes RPGV&V Campaign HQ
      This site has it all for your V&V game - house rules, characters, net sourcebooks, adventures, and more. Stop by and check it out (if you haven't already).

Villains & Vigilantes RPGV&V Mailing List
      Yahoo Groups Mailing List dedicated to Villains & Vigilantes/Living Legends game.

Villains & Vigilantes RPGV&V Universe Timeline
      Joe Littrell's fantastic timeline of the V&V Universe (as revealed in various V&V supplements/modules/rulebooks). This site was at Geocities which have shut down their free sites but I've switched the url to the Internet Archives version of the original page.

Zombie Squad RPGZombie Squad RPG
      ZOMBIE SQUAD is a zombie survival horror game based on DUNGEON SQUAD. The rules are straight forward and simple to use.Zombie Squad -- Where fun isn't just in the sweat meats.

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