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Added this month's cover scan -- Uncanny X-Men #165.


D is for Daredevil! Daredevil is the first character to use the new layout design that I plan on using from now on. I've already updated the Classic X-Men conversions to the "new" design. Check out the original X-Men: Cyclops, Iceman, Angel, The Beast and Marvel Girl. Also updated the V&V Gallery with the cover scans from the V&V Comics (thanks, Doug). Also added the "On the Edge" CCG inspired character conversion of Chikutorpl to the Miscellanea section.


Updated the V&V Doctor Who Section with a new conversion, Jo Grant, and updated an old one, Leela, to the "new" look.


It's a BIG update so sit back and enjoy... Added the Starman I conversion and updated the The Atom I, Dr. Mid-Nite I, and Phantom Lady conversions. Also updated the Classic X-Men conversion page with additional write-ups for all of the original X-Men (in their individualized costumes instead of the black & yellow uniforms). Check out the late Silver Age Angel, Beast, Cyclops, Iceman, and Marvel Girl. New House Rules added! I've expanded the House Rules page with the V&V/Living Legends Skill Rules that I have been using with some of the conversions. I've also included a page dedicated to the concept called Plot Points.


Updated the Hawkman conversion.


Added the Al Umbra's House of Smiles and Shadows site to my Links Page.